For the benefit of customers

tick.png (21 KB) Listening to our customer’s problem, communicating about the intentions and desires of both.

tick.png (21 KB) Always strive to meet the needs of our customers, even beyond their expectations.


Human Resources is our value.

tick.png (21 KB) Respecting people, creating conditions for members to develop their talents. Encouraging staff contribute to the organization.

tick.png (21 KB) Respect colleagues, customers, and treat them by the way we want them to treat us.


Be honest, straightforward.

tick.png (21 KB) Each employee is a representative of the Company, always cooperative, open and friendly with colleagues, contribute to the community and society.


The best choice for safety

tick.png (21 KB) To achieve the highest safety, the best quality

tick.png (21 KB) To achieve the best quality, we must do the right thing.

tick.png (21 KB) Continuously learning, developing and improving,

tick.png (21 KB) Enjoy and be proud of your work.

tick.png (21 KB) Desire to win

tick.png (21 KB) We are determined to be the best in our field,

tick.png (21 KB) We aspire to grow and win in the market.

Customer’s confidence and satisfaction is the core goal and the driving force of Viet Dong Hai Elevator
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) The perfection of the product.
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) Sustainable cooperation.
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) The development of the whole company.
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) The happiness of the employees.
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) Effectiveness in business.
cham tron.jpg (13 KB) Contribution to society. Protection Status