• MESSAGE Improve products quality: With the variety of elevator products (passenger elevator, freigth elevator, hospital elevator, food elevator,…), we always invest in modern technology, our goal is bringing gratification to my customers.

  • TRAINING - MANAGEMENT The team of engineers, technicians are always trained to improve skills. Every year, we have training courses inside and outside the country, ensuring the staffs advance technical level.

    With our project management experience and technical expertise, we combine unique, innovative, flexible, practical technology and commitment to ensure a quality of product.

  • ACTIVITIES Customers are a measure of the success of the company: With its reputation for many years of operation, Viet Dong Hai Elevator has attracted a large number of customers across the country. We are always striving to become a strong and reputable company. With us, customers are always one of the most important factors contributing to our success.

  • ECONOMIC GUIDELINES We are committed to providing our customers with quality products that are reasonable in price, fast in production, installation and convenient in payment.

    Top 3 criteria: Product quality - Safety in production, installation, maintenance - Elevator operate efficiently, safely and stably.

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