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Elevators have been used for a long time and degraded, so it is difficult to ensure safety when using them, so upgrading and renovating the elevator is very necessary.
In addition to the supply, installation, maintenance and maintenance of elevators, Viet Dong Hai Elevator also offers upgraded service packages, renovation of elevator, meet the needs of customers. Viet Dong Hai Elevator with leading engineers on elevator, applying modern technology is committed to bring customers the best solutions and options to help save costs while at the same time operating efficiently and safely. .

A wide range of upgrades from small to large scales are tailored to your needs:

- Change the call sign at the floor lobby to match the new design of the building lobby.

- Install a signal reception system for mobile reception in the cabin.

- Install a camera system in the cabin to ensure security in the building.

- Increase the speed or load of the ladder to improve the conveyability of the ladder.

Customers can also consider the comprehensive modernization of your elevator.

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